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Settling An Estate?

Having to settle an estate can be a challenging task! We have over 8 years of experience and can help. No matter how big the estate, our team of professionals are trained to get the job done.


Are you or a family member getting ready to move? Allow us to make the moving process a little smoother by lightening the load.

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Movers Carrying Packages
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Assisting the Elder

Lifestyle Changes?

In today’s world, life brings many changes. Divorce, downsizing, and foreclosure are just a few of the circumstances that we face every day. We can help you eliminate some of your stress. Let us do the work so you don’t have to!

Moving To Assisted Living?

Often, our loved ones need to make the transition to an assisted living facility. We can help with those items left behind.


Our Process

Assessing The Home

Chad's Outlet begins with a complimentary in-home consultation. We will evaluate your home and determine if an estate sale is the best option for you. We will answer questions and provide details about our services and fees.

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The Estate Sale

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Wooden Chairs

All you need to do now is to remove or identify which items in your home that you want to keep and leave the rest to us!
Our Professionally Trained Staff Will:

  • Prepare a digital & written inventory of your home

  • Professionally stage your home.  

  • Our staff will organize, clean, display, research, and price all your items.  

  • We provide tables and items for pricing. 

  • Secure any needed permits for the sale. 

  • Advertise your sale through: newspaper advertisements, internet advertising, e-mail to estate sale buyers, and signage, 

  • A team leader will be onsite through the sale to provide support to our salespeople. 

  • We will provide bags and wrapping paper for purchases. 

  • Chad's Outlet accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and checks. 

  • We take full responsibility for collections. 

  • Armed security will be provided, as needed, at no cost to you!

After The Sale

  • Items designated for charity will be boxed up and arrangements will be made for pick up. 

  • Your home will be left broom clean and ready to sell or rent.

  • Sales proceeds, less our commission, and a complete inventory of the items sold (itemized for all items sold for $20 or more) will be provided within 7 days of the sale.

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